Control of utility - Goats

Goats performance recording

Breeding Services SR s.e. provide through its regional centers goat performance recording for breeds, breeding and utility farms in order to objectively detect and evaluate the beneficial properties of individual animals, herds and breeds

Following parameters are recorded in goat performance recording

  • number of kids born
  • milk production (the collected quantity of milk per standard lactation and contents milk ingredients – fat, protein, lactose)
  • reproductive parameters (fertilization rate, fertility rate and fertility rate per goat kidded)

The actual performance recording consist of kids selection for reproduction, identification and subjective evaluation.

What do you get from performance recording?

  • Performance recording method A provides opportunities to make competent decisions and implement effective measures in the herd
  • opportunity to monitor and select individuals from multiple litters of dams and sires and dams with high milk production
  • farm improving in terms of number of high quality animals and performance increase
  • rapid costs recovery incurred for the performance recording

Goat performance recording, milk performance recording and reproductive recording are provided by Breeding Information System