CLMA - accredited activities

Central laboratory for milk analysis offers:

CLMA in Zilina is accredited since 12.12.2003 by SNAS under the registration number S 003.

CLMA in interlaboratory proficiency testing in SR

Enumeration of somatic cells for devices CLMA – 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

CLMA in International Proficiency Testing

CLMA in October 2016 participated on the International Proficiency Testing (IPT) – ring tests organized by the ICAR

20 laboratories from 16 countries participated on these ring tests. The principle of these tests is that each lab receives the same set of samples with unknown SCC in the sample. Each sample is measured by the standard procedure 4 times and measured results are sent for evaluation and statistical processing.

CLMA ZA was identified as a Laboratory No.21 for somatic cells, No.16 for fat and protein, No.14 for lactose, No.13 for UREA. In the ring tests the repeatability, Z-score for each sample. If Z-score >=2 or -2 results are satisfactory. If Z-score is >2 or 3 results are unsatisfactory.

Reference value Z-score measured in CLMA ZA on ring tests ICAR
Reference values measured in MRI Kiel
Reference Z-score measured in MRI Kiel


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