Sheep and goat identification

  • Individual identification of sheep and goats is essential for keeping the central register.
  • Individual identification provides identity of each animal and its origin in relation to farm, place of birth, country of origin as well as tracing changes in location due to its farm and each holder during its life.
  • Permanent identification of sheep or goats with two plastic ear tags or one plastic ear tag and electronic identifier, or one plastic ear tag only in sheep or goats by the age of 12 months, which are intended for slaughter within the Slovak Republic. or otherwise under special regulations, only animals that can not be identified with plastic ear tag (for health or other reasons). These animals in accordance with applicable regulations are not intended for trade within the EU.

Ear tags, information and documents necessary to keep central register are provided by BS SR s.e. regional centers

Current codes and names of breeds, countries, events and other codebooks needed to guide the central evidence you find in the open access to data CEHZ in the section Basic codebooks at