Control of utility - Swine

Performance subject and data processing in performance recording

Performance recording (PR) method A is provided at the breeding and reproductive farms and it consist of:

  • recording of reproductive parameters of sows and boars
  • recording of sows´ maternal characteristics
  • own performance tests and determination of own performance parameters

PR method B is provided at commercial farms upon a farmer request

Selection of individuals for breeding from birth, through their own performance tests, markets and inclusion into breeding is controlled by software, so that since the initial inclusion in the database are those monitored and in each of their developmental stage the signal reports are produced to report results of particular evaluation stage of their development.

Distribution of performance recording and genetic evaluation results

Pig performance recording and genetic evaluation results and all documents necessary for the management of pig farms are electronically accessible and provided to the professional public, scientific and educational institutions.


Comprehensive information from performance recording are provided by breeding information system