1. Farm Registration

  • Download, print and complete Form Farm Registration
  • Let the completed form “Farm Registration” to verify by representative of Regional Veterinary Administration.
  • Duly completed, signed and verified form “Farm Registration” send by mail to Farm Animal Central Register address in Žilina.
  • Upon receipt of a properly completed form “Farm Registration” the certificate “Farm Register” will be issued and sent to the address of the farmer. A producer is assigned a registration number of the farm (six-digit code), stated in the issued certificate. On the basis of the certificate farmer obtained authorization to breeding any livestock species with the sign up of specific species of livestock.

2. Animal Registration

  • Animals reported to FACR have to be identified. For permanent identification used plastic eartags. Sale of ear tags is provided by BS SR s.e. regional centers
  • Necessary information how to register animals, which form should be used for registration and transfers of the individual animal species and what is the responsibility of the breeder, see at FACR pages or you can inform at the nearest BS SR s.e. regional center , or by phone or mail at FACR

We recommend on-line access to FACR database with application Farmer access to FACR.
or the electronic keeping of individual register and computer reports creation BS SR, s.e. offers software Winreg.
More information about the program, the purchase and installation will be provided by BS SR s.e. regional centers.