Electronic farmer access to Farm Animals Central Register

  • Farmer access to FACR database allows users to easily search the required information on their farms and animals. It also provides basic information on other farms and animals.
  • Allows to sent the pre-prepared change reports and transfer reports to FACR (xml format).
  • Gives an overview of the messages sent by user electronically or by mail and their processing.
  • It offers the possibility of validating electronically sent transfer documents by the other side
  • Additional authentication by GRID card increases security – in sending, deleting and confirming transfer reports and documents sent electronically through this application.
  • It also gives an overview of code lists needed for the farmer and registration of animals in FACR.

How to get user name and password?

– your name and surname
– exact mailing address
– contact (e.g. phone, e-mail)
– ID Numbers of farms for which you require access
– ID (for individuals)

  • send a request for assigning of farmer access to the FACR database to FACR address

Centrálna evidencia hospodárskych zvierat (CEHZ), Rosinská cesta 12, 010 08 Žilina


Run farmer access to Farm Animals Central Register