During the processing of change reports and documents sent by farmers to FACR these reports are controlled the formal point of view and in terms of logical links to already registered data. In the case of errors in the reported changes the errors are printed in the “List of incorrect data”, which is sent to the address of the farmer.

* error with asterisk – data were not processed
error without asterisk – warning, data were processed with the possible logic error

Errors listed in the “List of incorrect data” with an asterisk before the number of error mean that the reported data were not processed. Errors without an asterisk are warnings to certain inconsistencies in the data, but changes were processed.

It is needed to respond to the errors listed in the “List of incorrect data” and make appropriate corrections. Error correction is done using FACR forms, which must either repeat the change/transfer report with the correct data or first cancel change/transfer report with incorrect data (Canceling of mistakenly reported changes/transfers) and then report change/transfer with the correct data.